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Growing good food.

Our products

Grass fed beef

Our cattle are born, raised and finished on pasture. No hormones or antibiotics.
We move them 2 to 3 times a day which ensures optimal nutrition. They provide a service to the ecosystem as they leave behind fertility and trample down anything uneaten, leaving something behind for all the other bugs and critters. What a life!

Pastured pork

Pigs are a seasonal pleasure here at Patch farm. As much as possible, we select heritage breeds born not too far away. They usually arrive at anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks old. Regardless of the breed, pigs are a pleasure to have around, whether it be moving across grass paddocks or through large sections of woodland. Anywhere you put them, pigs get busy doing what pigs do: foraging, digging and wallowing in cool mud patches. Our pigs are fed a diet of GMO-free grain, supplemented with hay, as well as any fruits or vegetables that might have gone too ripe. Of course, they also enjoy grass and roots from the fields and forest.

Pastured chicken

Our broiler chickens enjoy all the good nature has to offer without the threat of pesky predators. We move them twice a day in mobile shelters where they are protected from the heat of the sun and the rain. They eat a diet of grass, bugs and GMO-free grain. They get plenty of exercise which keeps them healthy and happy.

Pastured eggs

Fed GMO-free grain, our hens are moved 2-3 times a week. They absolutely love visitors of all ages. Moving the hens on pasture is incredibly beneficial: fresh air and sunlight, plants and bugs to supplement their diets, and the opportunity to do what they love- scratch and peck!

-Farmer’s Footprint

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