At the farm

All our products can be bought at the farm gate. When you buy at the farm, you get to meet your farmer!


A limited selection of products are available through our co-operative partners.

Bulk orders

Reserve to guarantee product availability and buy in bulk to save at least 15%!

At the farm

Our farm store hours are 1 PM to 5 PM on Saturdays or by appointment.


Some of our products can also be bought online through our co-operative partners: La coopérative le Terroir Solidaire. Le Terroir Solidaire delivers to your home in the Brome-Missisquoi area.

Reservation and bulk orders

Why reserve? Many of our products are seasonal which means we cannot always guarantee their availability. The best way to ensure you will get what you need, when you need it, is to reserve in advance. Reserving usually requires a deposit, which also helps us cover the startup costs for the season.

Why buy in bulk? Bulk purchases of meat helps lower the cost. Buying beef or pork in bulk usually saves you at least 15%.

A deposit is required for beef and pork reservations. 

Reservation form

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2022 Grass fed beef reservation
Save 15% on retail value when you purchase of a whole or half a beef. Save 10% on retail value when you purchase 1/4 beef. Cutting and wrapping are included in the price. Final price is based on the hanging weight of the animal (500 lbs-600 lbs). You will receive an invoice for a  $250 deposit following your reservation. *No credit cards for bulk purchases or deposits (e-transfer, cheque or cash only).
Grass fed beef cut options (only applies to whole or half beef)
Standard means you will receive the common mix of cuts (roasts 2-3lbs each, ground and cubes in 1 lb packs, steaks 1 per package, cut 1" thick, ribs, bones, etc). "Choose your own" means that you will be put directly in touch with the butcher for your selections. Please note that only the standard option is available for 1/4 beef.
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  • Standard
  • Choose your own
2022 Pastured pork reservation

Out of stock

2022 Pastured chicken reservation
Our pastured chicken is seasonal, but we try to have inventory all year long. To reserve or place an order for cuts (wings, breasts, legs, drumsticks, thighs, and ground) please select "Retail cuts order form" and in the comments section leave the email address where you would like to receive access to the form if different from the one used above.
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