How can I buy your products?

  • You can purchase our meat and eggs directly at the farm store during store hours.
  • Order online for pick-up at the farm or delivery to Montreal through our online store
  • Pre-order a whole, half or quarter beef or pig through our website.
  • From retailers listed here.

What are your store hours?

Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 5pm and by appointment during the week.

Do you deliver?

We deliver to certain areas on the island of Montreal and to certain local areas. Email us to find out if your address works with our route. You can order online for delviery here

How old are you cattle when they are slaughtered?

Our cattle are between 18 months and two years old at slaughter. In Canada, regulations require that beef older than 30 months be butchered in a way that excludes many of the most valuable cuts of meat, so 2 years and under is a standard amongst Canadian grass-fed beef producers.


Our butcher takes care of aging the meat and it is hung to age for 14-21 days.


We use a mix of breeds, but mainly Angus. Angus is our preferred breed because they do very well on pasture.


Our beef and pastured chicken eggs are available year-round. Other products like chicken and pork are more seasonal. We usually have these products available by the cut throughout the year, but there will be limited stock of pork during the summer. Bulk orders of pork are only available in the fall. It is best to reserve chicken and pork in advance for bulk orders.

What breed of chicken, pigs, layers do you keep?

 Our pigs change year by year as we source the piglets from local producers. Our 2023 pigs will be Berkshire and Berkshire cross. Berkshire are a heritage breed from England that are great foragers and produce high quality meat. 

Our layer hens are mostly Rhode Island Red as well as a few heritage breeds.

You might notice a couple of those beautiful green or blue eggs mixed in with our brown eggs, courtesy of the heritage breeds. Don’t worry, only the shell is coloured!

We use a standard breed of meat chicken which is Cornish Cross.

Where can I find more information about your ecological and ethical practices?

You can find more information on the "about" page of our website or on our social media where we like to share about what we’re doing here.

Is your meat organic?

Our beef is not certified organic but they are 100% grass-fed and hormone and antibiotic-free. We also do not use any chemical inputs on our fields.
Our pork and chicken are fed non-GMO grain and forage on the same land as the cattle.

Do you host events?

We host our own events which we will let you know about via social media, our newsletter, and our website here https://fermepatchfarm.ca/events/.

Can I visit the farm?

You are welcome to visit the farm during store hours or attend one of our events. Guided tours with Meagan are also available and more information can be found here https://fermepatchfarm.ca/events/.